WiFED aims to empower and build capacity of vulnerable girls and women in our society who are under served based on diverse circumstances and situations. The increase in teen and single parenthood is a big issue occasioned by poverty, culture, Insecurity, drug abuse, addiction, rape, domestic violence unwanted/early pregnancies, inequality, lack of proper education and lack of meaningful engagement.

Easily accessible youth friendly centres for support, advice and coaching on behavior change and guidance to live positive lives despite the prevailing social economic situations is a haven for our children. We focus mainly on mentorship, behavioral change or transformation, life skills, talent development, ICT and career coaching for individual excellence for a great future and hope in life.

The boy child is also not left out of this program and an all inclusive approach has been adapted.

Mentorship activities

  • Assisting the children in their school work
  • Playing together using learning activities/games
  • Reading to a child and listening to them read
  • Story telling
  • Leadership and communication lessons
  • Creative Writing on topical issues happening around their community
  • Reading Clubs to assist research in the library
  • Big brother Big Sister to address personal needs

Talent development activities

  • Drama/Skits
  • Debate Clubs
  • Music (Singing/rapping/dancing)
  • Modeling
  • Drawing


  • Bead making (Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings etc)
  • Mat making (hand woven)
  • Paintings
  • Card making
  • Bags