> Peakology – Slumcode


It is our pleasure to announce the official partnership between The Slumcode Group and Peakology to drive forward our core mission to continue developing safe and sustainable educational spaces to champion the development of the next generation of leaders in Nairobi’s underserved and underrepresented neighborhoods.

Peakology LLC, founded by Mohamad Hoteit, is a conscious leadership development platform based in the U.S.A that focuses on global impact and leadership, not only in business, but in every area of life. Peakology’s mission is to create a paradigm shift in the rise of conscious leaders who lead their lives based on a positive purpose that disrupts society’s limiting rules by becoming a driving force for good in their communities and the world.

Peakology’s values are Authenticity, Creativity, Honesty, Integrity, Developing Strong Relationships, Innovation, Constant Never-Ending Improvement and Service.

This partnership will bring about a unique offering to help accelerate us driving social and economic change in our communities for generations to come. This will help us grow and realize our vision for the continued development of safe and sustainable spaces to champion the development of the next generation of leaders in Nairobi underserved and underrepresented communities.

The amount of untapped potential and capabilities that never get to where they are meant to is immense. Having such spaces easily accesible within their reach is something that we believe will see them exploit their own capabilities and skills and develop into impactful leaders that provide innovative solutions that will help us accelerate social and economic change in their communities for generations to come.

This partnership is to ignite your own March to Greatness. This is how you will conquer mountains and help others, in need, to climb and conquer the mountains in their own lives as well.

For futher information and details about this, please visit Peakology