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Our Founder Mr. Albert Nashon had this rare chance and invitation by our Dutch based Partner United Through Sport – UTS and Interesting Internships to visit a few Universities and Colleges in The Netherlands. While there he gave talks on the power of Social Tourism at NHTV Academy of Leisure – Breda, In Holland University and Sports Campus in Eindhoven.


In partnership with Interesting Internships based in the Netherlands, We hosted 3 amazing ladies who scripted, shot and edited this powerful documentary about PrinceKrew Empire – A Kenyan Gospel Hip Hop group supported by Slumcode. The documentary shares their journey to fame in the Industry and what aspirations they bear.


Through our mentoring, guidance and recommendation Faith Simotwo Zainabu successfully applied and managed to participate and share our concepts with other Fellows in Virginia Tech University over her 10 week period of her pupilage in the USA. This experience has been of tremendous impact and personal growth towards her initiatives as she scales different levels of her career. To know more please click here


This is the Story of Dennis Poeta, spoken word artist & founder of The ArtEast Hub. He joined Slumcode soon after completing High School and became a core part of organizing and hosting activities and events such as our annual Grand Slumfest. He further participated in training and facilitation of talent projects which built his skill and purpose in the Creatives Industry. Today the self made King of Street Poetry rules in the gift of words.


Initiated in 2007 to increase visibility for grass root projects and organizations – the Grand Slumfest is an annual thematic event we have planned and successfully hosted since its inception. The day provides youth and community participants an interactive space to showcase, display talents and creativity. Corporate  partners sponsor and support to showcase youth friendly innovations, share new ideas, emerging trends and available opportunities and programs as well. The theme of the year drives the objective and outcome.

Slumfest One : 18th April 2007, Theme – “Celebrating the changing face of community development”

Slumfest Two : 15th August 2007, Theme – “Our place, Our People, Our Potential”

Slumfest Three: 1st December 2009, Theme – “Mpango ni LIFE”

Slumfest Four : 14th August 2010, Theme – “Inspiring Leadership to shape community intervention”

Slumfest Five : 15th October 2011, Theme – “Connecting communities to possibilities”

Slumfest Six :  8th November 2012, Theme – “The power of infinite possibilities, leveraging he ICT space”

In 2012, we introduced a new concept – “The Prefest Experience Seasons” which is a period before the main event that sees youthful participants registered to undergo training and capacity building sessions in IT Training, Business Development, Personal growth and soft skills. This has made Slumfest very popular as we are today at Season III. Participants ultimately graduate during the day of the event and can pursue further training at different levels.

Slumfest Seven : 20th August 2013, Theme – “Transforming business processes for young entrepreneurs through ICT”

Slumfest Eight : 18th October 2014, Theme – “Rebranding Slums of Africa through Innovation and Creativity”


  1. Models and Artists have gotten to showcase talent hence growing to greater heights in the Industry.
  2. Women have gotten platforms to display hand crafts and other wares, hence building a larger market base.
  3. Opening meaningful engagement opportunities with companies, media and other stakeholders, therefore enhancing collaboration and social enterprise growth.
  4. Youth participants have gained from lessons learnt to set up business and run successful initiatives.
  5. Greatly increased Slumcode’s brand visibility for building more partnerships.
  6. Approach to peace and stability amongst slum dwellers has been heightened.
  7. Industry has been opened up to community participation at a higher level.