Benrose Impact Story

Benrose has always had a yearning to be part of something great. After she was through with her secondary education she wanted to chart her own path, she tried to find ways of how she could get involved in a cause that will impact the community in a positive way. When a friend of hers told her about Slumcode she couldn’t help it, she wanted to know more. She kept reading posts on social media about the great work Slumcode was doing, this really inspired her and from then she knew Slumcode was the place to be.

She recently got to join Slumcode and in the small timeframe she feels she is a much better person. Being part of Slumcode has enabled her to awaken her God-given abilities. “Now I know the great commission I was sent to do here on earth” she says. Benrose always knew that she was meant to encourage and give hope to people who are struggling with inner and deep issues in their life but how to put that to action was her biggest challenge. Yes, she helped some members at her church, friends online and at school but she felt that she was supposed to impact the whole community at large. 

Being a very keen observer she also noticed that at Slumcode, they don’t just impact people’s lives but also the community they live in. The gardens at the hub inspired her to create her own kitchen garden. The garden has had its share of ups and downs. She recalls days that she could not find soil plus the stands were also a challenge to get. She got support from people and friends to get soil. For the ladder stand she built it by herself and it was a great experience. Her kitchen garden comprises of; Rosemary, Mint, Onions and she is looking forward to adding some vegetables. She could not do this if it was not for the good job she saw going on at the hub. The gardens created by Slumcode at the estates have also gotten her all excited and she is organizing a tree planting event so that they can have an estate garden at her place of residence.

She has always also had a passion to speak to young teenage girls and she has gotten a chance to talk to a school based in Kariobangi North. She will be taking this journey together with her friend Clara who is a mental health champion, she was the one who also introduced her to Slumcode.

She is really happy to be part of Slumcode, her parent has also seen great change and transformation and she supports her all the way. Thank you slumcoe for letting me know that I am capable of soaring to great heights.