Medium Sized inner corridor balcony spaces available on both the 3rd and 4th Floor facing the main road.  Any Corporations, Companies, Organizations and Groups adopting this option on either floor, will have the entire length filled with 10 – 15 Plants on both a large aluminium holder stretching from end to end and hanging vases. Both have the possibilities of being branded for example with a staff photo, vision statement and logo.

This large undertaking has high initial set up costs, 6 Young Slumcode Green Ambassadors earn a weekly stipend from Managing each balcony of Flowers. This means 12 for both floors. This team will care for the flowers, giving detailed reports monthly to the Sponsoring partner and be available for mentoring as planned.

Sponsoring Company will have their staff joining the youth occasionally on planned teamwork, mentoring and career talks while evaluating project progress at least once every month.

BALCONY Length :  Approx 4.5 Mtrs
BALCONY Units    :  On 2 Floors
VISIBILITY              :  On 3rd & 4th Floors inside of building


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