Hallo Reader, Welcome to our view of the current global status.

Remember what Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven once said,“What starts here changes the World – if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”  – a basic rule to life changing mantras.

A quick look at the live corona update data reveals that within under 4 months since the first case is suspected to have been noticed to date over 733,000 people have been directly affected by testing positive and over 34,000 dead in the sampling of 193 out of 195 countries worldwide.

Starting off with China’s Hubei Province and finding its way to Guinea Bisau – an imminent global shutdown is almost the next call, however certain countries already implemented this strategy and with very positive results.

China is now reporting a steady approach towards flattening the curve, just like South Korea did – while the US and Italy remain hard hit, Africa may have been a little lucky this time round as compared to Ebola and HIV Aids in the early millennial  era.

WASHINGS HANDS – #COVID19 #CoronaVirus has proven to be the pandemic that has slowed down global  economies, affecting directly and indirectly some of the most vibrant Industries like #Travel #Hospitality #Events #Entertainment #Sports #Retail etc  yet needs very basic behavioral changes or enhancement to both flatten the curve and reduce the spread. Our basic hygiene has bee about 3 main issues :

  1. Regular and Proper Hand washing
  2. Safer ways of coughing and sneezing
  3. Social Distancing and Stay At Home plans

Governments have never been so much at pains to enforce and emphasize on measures to curb this global pandemic than before and Kenya hasn’t been left out with it’s recent 7pm – 5am Curfew despite banning all group gatherings including schools, weddings, funerals, churches and clubs/pubs. The Public Transport Sector has equally been hard hit for developing and third World Countries with many citizens crying wolf over lack of proper and effective preparedness before enforcing such painstaking rules……. Globally this continues to cause serious effects and ramifications at individual, corporate and national levels.