The #March2Greatness Campaign is all about connecting more and more diverse partners onto the larger Slumcode Vision. As we continued to share our story, the likes of Madam Dorothy Dulo Brains behind Rafiki Africa Foundation – based in Pennsylvania USA and also operating the Lighthouse School in Alendu Homabay Kenya, became aware of our work with the youth and we are proud to be associated with all their projects. It is during one such visit that Our Founder and Chairperson Albert Nashon, got a rare moment to introduce this organization to the amazing ladies behind Connection Ubuntu – another charity that creates Computer labs in Africa (Kenya and South Africa)


Having gotten a chance to link up with participate in the opening ceremony and finally sharing about the Slumcode Idea, it was clear the team was excited to support our CodeSpace Project with the first starter pack of computer and we would soon be off to a great start. Toady exactly one year later since this discussion started, we already received our 3 Laptops and 2 Desktops complete with a router and ready for setup of our lab.


Computer Technology is a basic requirement in almost all fields of work as all operations go online and digital. It is therefore a core aspect of our daily learning in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Kids and Talented young people must therefore never be left out of this important tool of business.

If anything on this blog write up is to go by then the disruption to happen within the next 4 years will totally change how we do business on a day to day basis. It also stated that 64% of the tasks managers do being automated by AI by 2024. We must therefore stay ahead of the game and teach very relevant subject and topics related to Computer Technology and Innovation so as not to risk redundancy.

The Slumcode Hub is getting very excited to make this happen by engaging partners like St. Petersburg College in Florida to enhance cooperation using the tech space and platforms.

We are excited about this development.