The  ArtEastHub is an initiative that has built its foundation strongly on grounds of mentorship and bridging the gap between opportunities and various talented creatives and art enthusiasts.

Founded in 2014, we strongly encourage partnership to diversify our ventures and interact with like-minded individuals and groups.

Our programs cut across various channels from

        • Mentorship
  • Education
  • Trainings
  • Exchange programs/Art Events
  • Consultancy





This is our biggest project that attracts an estimate of 500+ audience who enjoy a variety of activities from spoken word poetry, live music, discussions, cooperate exhibitions and networking. We have done six editions so far.

Our programs target young proactive  youth who engage in activities that promote cohesion amongst themselves. These activities range from social entrepreneurship to youth groups that converge different youths towards a certain goal. Through our forums we provide a space that encourages; Climate action, Gender equality, Peace, partnership for goals  and Sanitation as per some of the Sustainable Goals Development is concerned.







We create awareness to the world through encouraging innovations and initiatives that conduct activities that promote an Eco-friendly environment. We house initiative that produce massive products out of recycled materials and also concepts that encourage sale and production of locally made products using less polluting materials.



Our events champion for equality amongst genders. Providing girls ,women with opportunities that ensure they air their voices and active inclusion and participation in all our programs.

Boy-child is not left alone as we make sure we provide them with empowerment and attention they deserve by having ‘Man enough’ programs for them in our timetable.


We know that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go with like minded people. So we have been riding in this mantra making sure we push agendas as a nation. Our causes are mainly focused on :partnership that encourage results. We have worked with the Slumcode Group, Pawa254, Ministry of youth, SADA , ESPA and many more youth groups in various theme based occasions. Some being fashion for peace, Environmental protection awareness, human rights.



A healthy community is an empowered community. We have been working towards ensuring young people participate in being at the forefront of promoting healthy choices activities. Cleaning parks and collecting plastics for recycling through creating arts from plastic and abandoned glass bottles been on the rise. We also work with initiatives that promote adolescent girls healthcare. We ask for the public to support such cause by donating as little as they can or buy sanitary pads for the less fortunate girls to ensure their good comfort. Pads are then collected each for those buying physical pads. And also urge others to bring at the event then deliveries are made.