Hello. My name is Clara Marie though I would prefer you to call me Larah. I’m a 19-year-old girl, passionate about mental health awareness. I started coming to Slumcode way back in February. At that time, I used to visit the hub frequently so as to access some of its facilities for instance art materials. The hub was my safe haven since I had a lot going on in my young mind. I wanted to be part of something, part of a community that would warmly welcome me and take interests in my life rather than locking myself up at home and being sorry for myself. With time I interacted with a few people and got to learn more about them, their passions, strengths and weaknesses. This made me have a broad perspective about life and I’m grateful for the lessons learnt.

Slumcode has helped me overcome my fears. I never thought I would break the ice of being a social pariah, I’m glad I have been taught self-awareness and that my dreams are valid. As they say, opportunities come once in a lifetime, I managed to grab mine and make the best out of it. I have met reputable people in this society like Peter Wairagu (Principal – Africa Digital Media Institute), Hemanshi Galaiya (Founder – Young Stripes) and Derrick Gakuu just to mention a few.

It has been a wonderful experience meeting and listening to the golden words of such esteemed people. I aspire to be a woman of interest; a woman whose energy is felt wherever I am. A woman that somebody else’s child would aspire to be and looks up to her. A WOMAN OF IMPACT.

I’m really happy to know that Slumcode would be there to hold my hand, celebrate my achievements and comfort me whenever I am at my lowest point.


In early June I started a blog knows as STAYGRAYY. So far, I have posted 7 articles that talk about mental health. My plan is to mobilize a number of people that are faced with different mental illness such as NPD, PTSD, BPD, depression and help them out of the situation. Am using the power of my writing skills to reach out to them. To let them know they are not alone in that hazardous journey. I too have been a victim at some point in my life and I know how dark it might feel. I have a vision☺️to lead an organization that broadly deals with every factor of the mental health society. An organization that reaches out to the vulnerable, and lends a hand to them. I have all it takes and I believe the vision is valid. 👌


This article has been written by Clara Marie.