We are one but miles apart. While some have nothing to eat or nowhere to sleep, others like this Seattle  teen – a junior at Mercer Island High School Washington is meddling with technology and informing the World.

Avi Schiffmann, a  17 year old Creator of http://nCoV2019.live – A coronavirus tracking website that has gotten over 500 million visitors so far and broken down all countries and continents with live updates. He says, “I started working on this project during Christmas time, when there were fewer than 1,000 confirmed cases — all in mainland China,” he adds his problem and why he solved it “It was hard to get clear, concise and accurate information on what was going on, and I wanted to do something to fix this.” This was so exciting he skipped the last week of classes. And then “…. it kind of blew up.”

His mother, whose medical colleagues use the site, said “Maybe learning algebra can come later,” of her son who is a C student. “Programming is a great creative medium,” he said.

Using a coding tactic known as “web-scraping,” Schiffmann’s site collates data from different sources around the globe including official government health organizations (local, national and international), and trustworthy news outlets. Such include W.H.O., C.D.C., Yonhap News Agency,  and displays the latest number of covid-19 cases. Data automatically updates by the minute by relying on an online community of news curators, while crosschecking data for accuracy.

The Newyoker wrote : The High Schooler Who Became a COVID-19 Watchdog, while his friends are worrying about whether the prom will be cancelled, Avi Schiffmann and his coronavirus-tracking site are navigating global fame.

Rex Chapman, the former NBA basketball star and now some sort of Twitter video savant who recognizes viral content when he sees it, shined a light on this dude by tweeting to his 648,000 followers. “This young man is Avi Schiffmann. He’s just 17. But he built a site that tracks Coronavirus numbers. He was offered $8m to place ads on the site. He turned it down. Not all heroes wear capes”

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From home with his family, he quoted, he having about 30 million site visitors a day.  and says  he is spending most of his free time working on it. He began teaching himself to code when he was seven, mainly by watching YouTube videos, and has made more than thirty Web sites.

His parting shot at governments’ responses? “They are not transparent and are trying to save face, and then it is too late. The world needs to be much more prepared for these kinds of things.”